Pro bono

Pro bono is work undertaken for the common good of society.

Both as a company and as individuals , we want to take responsibility and work for positive development in our society – on a local, national and global level. We support a number of different organizations that we believe will contribute to a better society. This can include financial support, free advice or other services where we donate our time, expertise and our experience.

All our employees are encouraged to get involved in social causes and based on their own skill sets, use their knowledge to further the common social good. Each employee is involved in decisions concerning these matters and all are given the opportunity to set aside time for personal volunteer work.

Pro bono

The Swedish Childhood Cancer Foundation

Advokatfirman Kahn Pedersen supports The Swedish Childhood Cancer Foundation, a non-profit organisation dedicated to collecting money to prevent and combat cancer diseases in Children.

Read more about the important work of the Foundation.

Advokatfirman Kahn Pedersen welcomed two students from Hässelbyakademin

Two students, whose aim is to become business lawyers, visited Kahn Pedersen on april 27, 2017. Hässelbyakademin is a development project within Hässelbygårdsskolan with the purpose of helping motivated students in secondary school to develop, in school as well as outside of school, and in different ways prepare them for adult life. Johan Falk had a pleasant conversation with the students and told them what life is like for a lawyer in general, including studies and service as a law clerk, and what life is like at a law firm in particular. Kahn Pedersen wishes both of them the best of luck in the future and hopes that our paths will cross again!

Advokatfirman Kahn Pedersen participated in the Swedish National Agency for Education’s seminar

On September 3rd Kristian Pedersen and Emma Jarkell participated in the Swedish National Agency for Education’s seminar for teachers, principals and student counselors in the Stockholm area, who are currently working to support their students to make informed choices for their further education and careers, including efforts to increase the students’ knowledge about the labor market. Kristian and Emma informed the other participants about legal profession and working as an advokat (the professional title of members of the Swedish Bar Association) in Sweden, in the hope of contributing with a concrete example of a future career choice and to give a better understanding of the profession.

The Refugee Situation

Due to the refugee situation in the world, Advokatfirman Kahn Pedersen has decided to donate SEK 5,000 per employee to the United Nation’s refugee agency UNHCR.