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New Legislation on Public Procurement of Selectable Funds in the Swedish Pension System

In the end of 2022, Sweden will begin procuring funds to the selectable part of the national pension system, the so-called premium pension. Only a limited number of fund managers will be allowed to offer their funds in the Swedish pension system and only by submitting (one of) the most competitive tenders. In addition to being competitive, the fund managers and their respective tenders must meet a number of mandatory criteria in order to become part of this 1000 billion SEK (approx. 96 billion EUR) pension system. The procurements will be governed by national procurement legislation, but will also be influenced by the European Procurement Directive and the EUCJ case law. If you have any questions regarding public procurement of selectable funds in the Swedish pension system, please contact Johan Kahn or Kristian Pedersen.

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