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When conditions are constantly changing, the ability to grow is everything. Our meetings with our clients are the source of our commitment and the world around us provides us with inspiration.

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This is Kahn Pedersen

Kahn Pedersen is a specialized law firm founded in 2015. We are driven by our genuine interest in our practice areas as well as our strong commitment to them, and we always strive to create successful results for our clients. Our firm was founded with a clear digital focus. That is why we are breaking new ground to provide our clients with advice at the highest level. If there is no established best practice, we will create it. Our clients are companies, public authorities, and organizations with complex business challenges that require specialization and experience in business law.

A framework is a paradox that pretends to be a limitation. But it is just as much the opposite – an approach to exploration.


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We are always looking for new coworkers who share our interest and dedication. If you have the drive and will necessary to become really skilled in our areas of expertise, we'd be happy to hear from you.