Public Procurement

Public procurement is characterized by the dynamic that arises in the interaction between public purchasers and private suppliers. Very often, this involves business-critical deliveries or critical social infrastructure.

We have extensive experience with, and an in-depth understanding of, business deals between public and private entities. This means that we can quickly familiarize ourselves with your business and take on the assignment, regardless of whether it involves specific challenges or a more comprehensive engagement. We can help you handle all aspects of public procurement. We assist with legal, strategic, and commercial advice for planning, implementation, and follow-up, always with your business deal in focus.

Depending on whether you are conducting, or are about to participate in, a procurement procedure, we will assist with the preparation or review of procurement documents, tenders, agreements, and other documents, such as assessments, and we will propose concrete measures. After the procurement procedure has been completed, we will assist with the follow-up and management of agreements and handle other types of issues that may arise within the parameters of public business.

We can also assist with court proceedings in procurement review cases, claims for damages, and procurement fine cases, as well as in disputes based on public contracts.