Strategic Sourcing

Most businesses depend on external suppliers. Strategic sourcing is therefore a key function in achieving successful collaborations and enhanced business.

The most common sourcing deals within IT are cloud services, outsourcing (IT/BPO), data management, development projects, deliveries of complete systems, license agreements, management and maintenance agreements, and other types of complex service agreements. We have extensive experience with managing business deals in regulated industries, such as banks and insurance companies, and with negotiations with the largest global providers of public cloud services.

Within the manufacturing industry, energy, real estate and infrastructure sectors, common sourcing deals include, among others, drafting general purchasing/sales conditions, outsourcing operation and maintenance, constructing and renovating industrial facilities, and strategic raw material and component supply, electricity, and steam supply agreements, as well as other business-critical supply agreements and various types of complex investment projects for industrial plants. We have broad expertise in standard agreements for various industrial sectors (SSG Delivery Contract, ABA 99, NLM 19, NL 17, ABM 07, Orgalime SI 14, Orgalime S 2012, FIDIC Rainbow Suite, ICC Turnkey, and others).

What distinguishes us is our creativity and holistic approach. In sourcing projects, we assist our clients with all parts of the sourcing process, from initial strategic considerations in the choice of the correct project and procurement form to the preparation of contract documentation and subsequent negotiations.